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Achieving your goals

Are you ready to make a plan with which you can achieve your business goals? Are you interested in the solutions that Innovatec can offer? Our experts know how your targets can be converted into high quality, technical product solutions. They can tell you everything about complete production lines. 

Henk Struving, Sales and Marketing Director Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mr Henk Struving

Sales & Marketing Director 

For 25 years Henk’s background have been in the poultry business. A visionary ‘builder’ with a global experience in sales & marketing.

He exactly knows how to serve customers worldwide and how to get the best out of the sales team. It’s his mission to lead Innovatec to the next level.

n +31 6 10 93 69 52
E email adress Henk Struving
m Henk speaks EnglishHenk speaks DutchHenk speaks German

Marc Rijsdijk, Sales Manager Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mr Marc Rijsdijk MSc
Sales Manager

For many years Marc has been living and working in Taiwan. That's why he speaks Mandarin fluently. This in combination with his broad experience in procurement of capital equipment ensures that Marc is the sales manager who is able to service our clients in Asia very well.

On top of that Marc is very service oriented. He understands what clients want and will guide you with the complex process of hatchery automation.

n + 886 956 557 785
n + 31 6 394 37 734
m Marc speaks EnglishMarc speaks MandarinMarc speaks Dutch

Christophe Bohez, Sales Manager Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mr Christophe Bohez

Sales Manager

Christophe grew up in the family business which started with his grandparents, who were suppliers of hatching incubators machines. After 17 years of loyal service, in 2012 Christophe started a new challenge at Innovatec to strengthen the sales team. With his unrivalled knowledge and experience in the world of hatchery automation,
he can provide every customer with well-considered solutions.

n + 32 476 54 90 38
E Christophe Bohez
m Christhophe speaks EnglishChristophe speaks FrenchChristophe speaks ItalianChristophe speaks DutchChristophe speaks GermanChristophe speaks Flamish

Patrick van Tiel, sales manager Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mr Patrick van Tiel
Sales Manager

Setting up a hatchery automation product line is a complex task. Product knowledge is very important. Getting the customer’s confidence is key. By listening to their wishes and leveraging the strengths of the equipment portfolio Patrick knows how to realise the best solutions.

His open, clear and practical approach makes Patrick a good conversation partner. It results in gaining the trust of his clients in short period.

n + 31 6 22 26 05 59
E email Patrick van Tiel
m Ron speaks EnglishRon speaks DutchRon speaks German






Andres Fernandez, Sales Manager Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mr Andres Fernandes
Sales manager

Although Andres is the youngest Innovatec specialist he has had a wide range of knowledge of the hatchery branch. As a young boy his father taught him the tricks of the trade.
You can always count on his fresh look and passion for the poultry business. He will always provide you with the best optimal solution for your new or existing hatchery.

n + 31 6 51 64 13 19
E Andres Fernandez
m Andres speaks EnglishAndres speaks Spanish

Marian Onwijn, Communication Manager Innovatec Hatchery Automation
Mrs Marian Onwijn
Communication Manager

Marian has been with Innovatec for over 9 years. Besides managing many organisational matters, she is the person who is responsible for communication at Innovatec. Trade fair organisation, website development and maintenance, newsletters and house style development are her passions.


q + 31 345 642 995
n + 31 6 109 84 319
E Marian Onwijn
m Marian speaks EnglishMarian speaks DutchMarian speaks German