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Besides our own Experts in Hatchery Automation Innovatec also has a worldwide network of professional agents and representatives.
Specialists who can tell you all about the benefits of Innovatec's product lines.

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Iran / Pakistan

Christophe Bohez Christophe Bohez
Sales Expert
n + 32 476 54 90 38
E email adress Christophe bohez
m Christhophe speaks EnglishChristophe speaks FrenchChristophe speaks ItalianChristophe speaks DutchChristophe speaks GermanChristophe speaks Flamish


Mr Ateeq representative Pakistan for Innovatec

AGFATECH - Pakistan
Mr Ateeq M. Mustafa

+92 32 08 29 98 98
+92 34 58 29 98 92


+92 21 36 32 26 

m Joshua Huang speaks EnglishMr Ateeq speaks Urdu