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Experts in innovative hatchery automation

Only one market

Since 1991 Innovatec is specialized in the development of hatchery mechanization. Through this conscious choice, Innovatec has built up a big lead in the market. We are not just the most experienced manufacturer of hatchery automation.

Market leader

Innovatec is the market leader in Europe. Also outside Europe Innovatec has become a leading player. In over 55 countries around the world, we have built a good reputation.

A lead on competitors

Innovatec develops and supplies according to a well-thought philosophy: The Innovatec Total Concept. This concept includes all aspects and elements that take care of our customers to create and maintain the lead on their competitors, now and in the future.

Own factory

To keep control of this high level of quality, the hatchery equipment is being designed and manufactured in-house.

Unburden clients that's what we stand for

Our clients deserve the best, that's what we stand for. By implementing the Innovatec Total Concept we unburden our clients year after year.  

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"Since 2005 Innovatec's candling and transfer unit is operating at it's maximum capacity with an unmatched accuracy, while maintenance coast has been relatively low, stable and predictable."


-Bert Munsterhuis - Managing Director Hatchery Munsterhuis - The Netherlands