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Launch Ultimate In-Ovo Egg Injection System

Innovatec's Ultimate In-Ovo Egg Injection System

Innovatec Hatchery Automation launches its latest development for the poultry industry. By introducing the Ultimate In-Ovo Egg Injection System to the market, Innovatec has further expanded its innovative footprint.

The Ultimate In-Ovo delivers

The Ultimate In-Ovo was designed to have the highest possible biosecurity during injection, minimizing waste of vaccine, increasing ease of maintenance, and most importantly enhancing chick performance.

Minimal vaccine loss and easy maintenance

The advanced double-needle injector and perpendicular setting of the egg up to 12 degrees, ensure that all live embryos on a setter tray are vaccinated with consistent accuracy. After every injection, the needles are automatically cleaned, ready for the next tray.

For improved biosecurity, the Ultimate In-Ovo has a needle-cleaning-programme during start-up and end of vaccination. While priming at the beginning of production, the built-in “Smart Filling” method ensures a minimal loss of vaccine.

Innovatec’s automation equipment has been described by industry professionals as simple, robust, and innovative. The Ultimate In-Ovo is designed according to the same philosophy. With the Smart Design Concept, downtimes can be avoided. For maximum productivity with minimum costs, easy, regular maintenance will be sufficient, year after year.

Biosecurity during transfer process

By adding the Ultimate In-Ovo System to a hatchery’s candling & transfer processing line, our contact-free concept delivers unmatched cross-contamination controls. The CLEANchick™ detects live embryos with unmatched accuracy, while the Exploder Removal System (ERS) removes the contamination, with zero direct contact. The absence of dead(s) before vaccination elevates all levels of biosecurity.

A cleaner hatchery environment with the absence of exploders during transfer and processing will deliver on better and more consistent hatch and lessen the reliance on antibiotics and other medicines. These improvements will be realized in more efficient operations, a healthier product, and more profitable business.

By following Innovatec’s method of removing exploders direct after candling our customers will see greater consistency in chick quality across the board …

Ultimate In-Ovo in-line with the CLEANchick and Exploder Removal SystemThe Ultimate In-Ovo in-line with the CLEANchick and Exploder Removal System


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