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Innovatec, proud to be part of the most modern hatchery in Asia and beyond

Samhwa, located in the province of Choong-nan centrally located in the South Korean peninsula, bordering the yellow sea, started back in the early fifties, with breeding local day-old-chicks in their own manufactured incubators.

The success turned them in 1992 towards a more modern setup when they started a GP operation with the Ross breed. Only 5 years later, also a GP hatchery was built for the Arbor Acres breed. 
In 1999, Mr. Sung wang Bae, started with the Ross 308, which has become the most popular breed in South Korea since.

Samhwa which by 2016 had 3 rearing farms (1GP, and 2PS), 2GP farms good for 50.000 D-lines/year, 3PS farms good for 200.000 females/ year, 4PS contract farms good for 100.000 females/year.

Samhwa, had 2 hatcheries (1 for PS and 1 for broilers) good for a total setting capacity of 3 mio. eggs.

Last year, Samhwa started breeding a new plan and initialised talks for a completely new commercial hatchery with the highest possible hygiene levels, and to operate with the lowest number of personnel. In cooperation with the Innovatec project team, a full automation line has been designed and developed. The building of the hatchery is on it’s way.

Mr. Bae, owner of Samhwa, informed us that the flexibility and the capacity of Innovatec hatchery equipment was one of the major reasons they selected Innovatec.

For the hygiene aspect, we selected for every type of tray/box, every type of trolley/dolly an independent washing unit and disinfectant unit, and prior to transferring eggs to the hatchers, all exploders are removed.

To keep the number of staff to an absolute minimum, we also integrated a complete dynamic store for the chick boxes and the hatcher trays.

Mr. Ko of Samhwa confirmed that after a detailed study of various equipment available, Innovatec was the right choice to work with. Advanced yet simple to use. Innovatec was also the only company able to fit the equipment in the compact and limited space we had available.

Innovatec is proud to be part of this unique setup, and would like to thank the complete Samhwa team.

New hatchery is under construction.

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