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Many visitors interested in CLEANchick at VIV Asia

The presence of the CLEANchick™ unit was the highlight at Innovatec’s booth during VIV Asia 2019. It attracted a lot of interested people from Africa to Korea, and from the Middle East to New Zealand.

The CLEANchick™ is the new standard in maximising bio security. The combination of live embryo detection and directly removing exploders, by the Exploder Removal System, is Innovatec’s most innovative development for maximising bio security in the hatchery.

Everybody was highly impressed with the functionality of the unit and how it can improve hatchability. Visitors were amazed about the results of more and cleaner day-old-chicks, clean hatchery environment, reduced antibiotic need and less grading labour. This all contributes to healthier day-old-chicks and a more profitable business.

The conclusion of the Innovatec sales team: this show was a great success. We have gathered more understanding of the Asian market. Exiting times are ahead.

The experts, Henk Struving, Christophe Bohez and Mark Rijsdijk, say thank you very much to existing and new customers, from all over the world, for visiting the Innovatec booth and interest in our hatchery automation equipment.

Great interest in the CLEANchick™ unit. The new standard in hatchery automation.

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