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SCaLe confirmed as representative for Brazil

Innovatec Hatchery Automation and SCaLe have been working together in the Innovatec global expansion since 2018. This collaboration has been ratified and confirmed.

SCaLe has been instrumental in presenting to the Brazilian poultry producers what technologies are new and available now for them. This combined with Innovatec’s will to adapt their products and services to the needs (and regulations) of the Brazilian market has been well received by the poultry producers.

Sandro Cerqueira, SCaLe’s commercial director, says: “Offering new technology that reduces the chances of cross-contamination in the hatchery and increases biosecurity and chick quality is what we stand for. Every hatchery should be aware that there is technology out there that will improve their performance. CLEANchick and the Exploder Removal System weren’t available in Brazil before, now they are”.

“We are extremely happy with Sandro’s work. Brazil is the biggest poultry meat producer in LATAM and one of the biggest exporters of chicken meat worldwide. For us, it is incredibly important to have a solid presence in this market now and for the years to come. We want to make sure that all poultry producers in Brazil know that there is new technology available that wasn’t on their map before. The representation of Sandro is significant to achieve this. We welcome him into our selected group of agents”, according to Andrés Fernandez, Innovatec’s sales expert in Latin America”.



Andréz Fernandéz and Sandro Cerqueria Leite shaking hands after signing the contract
To the left: Andréz Fernàndez, Innovatec's Sales Manager LATAM, to the right Sandro Cerqueira Leite, Commerical Director Scale

SCaLe can be reached at:

T  +55 (49) 9 9926 8902


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