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CLEANchick™ Dual Technology

CLEANchick and Exploder Removal System contribute to healthier day old chicks

The CLEANchick™ dual technology meets the highest bio security standards The CLEANchick™ dual technology is egg friendly  The CLEANchick™ dual technology can handle a high capacity of eggs  The CLEANchick™ dual technology has a high accuracy  The CLEANchick™ dual technology is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept


CLEANchick™ Dual Technology

The CLEANchick™ Dual Technology is based on non-contact detection of living embryos with unmatched accuracy. This in combination with the traditional candling unit, which allows removal of clear eggs.
The total results in three categories is being live embryos, clear eggs and exploders plus dead large in shell. It can be used for chicken eggs starting from day 16.

Bio security

The contact-free concept assures virtually 100% cross contamination free production. 
For easy of cleaning the embryo detection unit can be opened as a door, providing easy access to the candeling area. The traditional unit is portable.


Providing a capacity depending on the type of setter tray, makes CLEANchick™ Dual Technology already hard to beat. This in combination with the unmatched accuracy puts CLEANchick™ Technology in an unrivalled position.

Low energy consumption

By using advanced electronics the energy consumption is reduced to a few Watts.

Suitable for every hatchery

The CLEANchick™ Dual Technology can be supplied to both small as medium sized hatcheries, and is available for all Innovatec candling units.

Optimal filling and even heat distribution

In combination with the Automatic Backfilling unit, efficiency will be further increased. Optimal filling and an even heat load in the hatcher are ensured.

Maximizing bio security by Exploder Removal System

In order to ensure optimally clean air in the candling room, best bio security practice in the hatchers and to allow old flocks to be treated on the separator, Innovatec developed the Exploder Removal System.
This system effectivily removes all gas eggs after candeling immediately.

CLEANchick™Dual Technology & Exploder Removal system: the best of its kind

CLEANchick™Dual Technology combined with Exploder Removal System is the winning team in maximizing bio security. World's most innovative combination in 100% cross contamination free production and contributing to healthier day old chicks.


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