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Exploder Removal System

Exploder Removal System removes gas eggs immediately after candling

The exploder removal system meets the highest bio security standardsThe exploder removal system has a compact design The exploder removal system can handle a high capacity of eggs The exploder removal system consumes a minimum of energy The exploder removal system is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept



Exploder Removal System

The Exploder Removal System effectively removes gas eggs and large dead embryos immediately after the candling process. Gas eggs are therefore not transported unnecessarily through the hatchery.


The Exploder Removal System was developed for several purposes: to ensure optimally clean air in the candling & transfer room, best biosecurity practice in the hatchers or HatchCare units, to allow relatively old flocks to be treated on the separator and it makes grading chicks less labour intensive.
The system remains clean from the outside during production and can still undergo high-pressure cleaning.

The cabinet built around it is put under a constant gentle under-pressure ensuring a gas-free environment. The whole unit can be cleaned with high pressure.


A capacity of up to 90,000 eggs/per hour, depending on the type of setter tray.

Low energy consumption

Efficient design minimises power consumption.

Other features

The vacuum pump is installed outside the candling & transfer room, reducing noise to a minimum.

CLEANchick™Dual Technology & Exploder Removal system: the best of its kind

CLEANchick™Dual Technology combined with Exploder Removal System is the winning team in maximizing biosecurity. World's most innovative combination in 100% cross-contamination free production and contributing to healthier day-old chicks.

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