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Chick take-off table

Chick take off table

Compact designSmooth surfaces and open structure for easy cleaningChick friendlyMinimal maintenance requiredInnovatec Total Concept

Chick take-off table, roller belt and chute

Optimizing bio security

An open structure and absence water and pollutants collecting pockets creates an easy to clean unit.


Years of experience resulted in a highly ergonomic unit.

Blowing shells away

Possible shells and fluff that pass the hatcher basket are collected on a collector plate directly mounted under the rollers.
This is made in a way that, during the cleaning cycle, these shells can be blasted away with a water beam with a minimal effort.

Chick friendliness

Day old chicks are gently guided by a deflecting plate mounted in the chute thus reducing stress to an absolute minimum.

  • Various dimensions
Complementary hatchery equipment

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