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Conveyor belt


Conveyor belt

Smooth surfaces and open structure for easy cleaningChick friendlyMinimal maintenance requiredDurable and reliableInnovatec Total Concept

Conveyor belt

An open structure, the absence of a motor cover, the smooth surface of the drum motor create an unsurpassed easy to maintain unit.

Chick friendly

A belt that gives an abundance of grip and minimal dropping heights help the day old chicks to pass the belt almost unnoticed.


The blue , FDA approved, belt creates the best possible contrast with meconium and other pollutants. This enable an optimal focus of the staff to clean it.

Stainless steel

The counter roller is above this equipped with stainless steel bearings with life span grease, added with sealing's. 

Easy to service

The drum motor and the counter roller are easy to remove for service purposes.

Economic motor

Modern motors with a power off of approximal 0,15 kW belong to the most economic available in the market.

  • clean package: enabling to remove the belt in a moment for cleaning


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