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Jectmatic, vaccinator day-old chicks

Jectmatic, vaccinator day-old chicks during chick processing

The Jectmatic is easy and fast to cleanThe Jectmatic has a compact and light-weight designCapacitiy up to 3,500 – 4,000 c/hThe Jectmatic is chick friendly The JectMatic is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept


Jectmatic integrated into a chick processing line

Jectmatic integrated into a chick-processing line.Jectmatic integrated into a carousel

Jectmatic integrated into a carousel


Jectmatic, vaccinating day-old chicks by means of a syringe

The Jectmatic is developed for subcutaneous vaccinating day-old-chicks and optionally spray vaccinating in the eye or beak. One or optionally, simultaneously two, syringes are used to deliver multiple vaccines.
The functional design allows for a safe and efficient process. It can be integrated into the chick processing line or installed as a stand-alone unit.


The device is easy to clean.


Due to easy and safe operating, a capacity up to 3.500- 4,000 chicks/hour is enabled.

Chick friendly

The chick is easily placed in a relaxed position, reducing stress and the chance of injury. Due to careful handling, a maximum of chicks remains viable. With up to 100% accuracy of injection, the vaccine consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Energy consumption

There is minimal use of pressurized air and electricity consumption.

Other features

  • The vaccination mechanism is covered by a transparent shield with a security switch to protect the operators
  • The process can also be interchanged with one or two needles in each loading set
  • Very simple and user-friendly software menu
  • Low noise level
  • A small and light-weight device


  • For targeting the eyes or beak a spray vaccine can be combined within the process
  • The injections can be customised for oil or water-based vaccines
  • A flap with a pneumatic opener to buffer the chicks
  • Alarm signal for the desired quantity


Complementary equipment
  • Vaccination carousels and lines


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