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Innovatec Total Concept

Uniform product concept for minimum maintenance 

In the late 1990's, Innovatec recognised the importance for customers to have hatchery equipment in use that requires minimum maintenance. This resulted in the so-called 'one concept for all'. Since then, all Innovatec's equipment has been developed according to the same principles, primarily aiming at minimum maintenance.

It took over 14 years to develop and implement this philosophy. 

Balanced 'spare parts in stock-advice'

At the same time Innovatec's service department developed a balanced 'spare parts in stock-concept'.
This serves Innovatec's customers by accurately advising which parts they need to have in stock, whilst maintaining a balanced range of spare parts in store at Innovatec and its suppliers.

Minimum maintenance and maximum productivity

The Maintenance agreement completed the Innovatec Total Concept in 2014. Besides maintaining the hatchery equipment, Innovatec also provides instructions, train staff, updates software and checks spare parts, etc.
This success formula guarantees maximum productivity with minimum costs year after year, and extending the economic lifetime too.

Innovatec Total Concept was born

Product uniformity, top quality Service and Maintenance agreement are the three pillars of this smart Innovatec Total Concept. A unique concept in the market!
The pillars product and service are always connected. Optionally the Maintenance agreement is available and can be serviced to your needs.

Satisfied customers

Our customers know that they can always rely on us because of the effectiveness of the Innovatec Total Concept. Reliable products, minimum maintenance and excellent service produce the highest return on investment.

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"Since 2005 Innovatec's candling and transfer unit is operating at it's maximum capacity with an unmatched accuracy, while maintenance coast has been relatively low, stable and predictable."


-Bert Munsterhuis - Managing Director Hatchery Munsterhuis - The Netherlands


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