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Paper Cutting & Laying-in unit

Paper Cutting & Laying-in unit

Product uniformity: All units of the paper cutting & laying-in system have the same conceptThe paper cutting & laying-in system has smooth surfaces and an open structure for easy cleaningThe paper cutting & laying-in system requires less labourThe paper cutting & laying-in system requires minimal maintenance The paper cutting & laying-in system is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept

Paper Cutting & Laying-in unit

The Innovatec Paper Cutting and Laying-in unit has been specially developed for use in the modern hatchery.

Easy exchange

This fully automatic unit unrolls a roll of paper and cuts off the required length, after which the piece of paper is put in the empty hatcher basket or chick box. A spare roll is placed on an additional rack to ensure an easy roll exchange. 


The hardened knife is self-sharpening and has an extremely long tool life.

Cleaner baskets or boxes

By using paper in the baskets or boxes, faeces are absorbed. This results in cleaner trays or boxes, thus reducing the necessary washing. Furthermore, this the risk of the spread leg syndrome is reduced to a minimum as the day-old chicks have more grip.

Unrivalled productivity

The very accurate cutting and optimal positioning of the paper in the basket or box creates a reliable process with unrivalled productivity.

  • grip detection

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