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Chick counting

Chick counter

Compact design to optimize productivity Chick friendlyHigh capacity chicksNo adjustments, minimal technologies & componentsInnovatec Total Concept in hatchery automation

Chick Counting & Weighing

The Innovatec Chick Counting and Weighing unit, type CCB, is unique in the world for its chick friendliness, counting-, and weighing accuracy. The unit is standard equipped with a full colour touchscreen and a control panel. All registered data can be stored directly on a USB stick.

Counting and weighing accuracy

The counting accuracy is better than 1 in 2,000 chicks. The weight of the chick is registered per batch in a Gauss curve and the average weight is registered and highlighted in grams as well.

Chick friendliness

The combination of lowest belt speed, minimal dropping heights and no deflections in the unit results in a kinetic energy absorption which is up to 55% lower than competing systems. This reduces the impact on and stress of the chicks to an absolute minimum.

  • One track, two track or three track execution
  • Buffer on behalf of chicks boxes with two or four compartments
  • A two sexes counting and weighing system
  • A LAN connection to your network
Complementary equipment

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