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Fluff removal

Fluff removal in the chick processing room

fluff removal

The fluff removal system meets the highest bio security standardsThe fluff removal system has smooth surfaces and an open structure for easy cleaning The fluff removal system is chick friendly The fluff removal system requires minimal maintenance The fluff removal system is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept  

Fluff removal

Innovatec offers various systems to reduce the fluff in the rooms to an absolute minimum. The fluff removal can be applied in various situations, such as at take-off, or when emptying a hatcher basket, or on the line itself.

The principle is based on removing fluff at the source. Fluff is mainly concentrated on the rims of hatcher baskets. It needs, therefore, to be removed prior to chick take off. Standard both long flanks are treated.

A fluff reduced environment improves productivity as staff will feel more comfortable. Effective fluff removal reduces the risk of irritation of the respiratory tract by both staff and day-old chicks.

  • Bottom suction on the conveyor
  • Top suction on the conveyor
  • Side suction on the conveyor
  • Integrated in hopper
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