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Hygiene stations


Meeting the highest bio security standardsCompact designSmooth surfaces and open structure for easy cleaningMinimal maintenance requiredInnovatec Total Concept

Hygiene Stations

The Innovatec hygiene stations are an excellent addition to hatchery automation. To ensure optimum hygiene conditions in the hatchery, the stations can be implemented at the entrance as wel as at the exit of the hatchery. All stations are equipped with sole-cleaning, hand disinfection and turnstile.

Different executions: same result

The Compact Station as well as the Standard Station does two things at the same time: it cleans the soles and disinfects the hands. The rotating brushes are automatically humifidified by color independent ultrasonic sensors. The hand disinfection is regulated by sensors. Spray nozzles above and underneath the hand ensure a good atomization of the disinfectant. After the hands have been disinfected, the turnstile will be released and one can proceed to the next room.

With the same functionallity of the Standard Station, the Compact Station is used where space is limited.

The Standard Plus will clean your soles, while you wash your hands. The brushes are automatically humidified and set in motion by color independent ultrasonic sensors. When finished dispensing soap and washing your hands, you can dry your hands wit paper and then disinfect your hands in the ergonomically shaped cylinders. As final step the turnstile is released. All-in-one and efficient.

Other features

By the hygienic construction and smooth surface finish the stations are easy to clean. Minimal maintenance is required.

  • Person and time registration
  • Connection to a centralised chemical supply
  • Built-in model
Complimentary hatchery equipment
  • ​Wash basin
  • Paper dispenser
  • ​Paper basket

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