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Trolley lift

Trolley lift

No adjustments, minimal technologies & componentsSmooth surfaces and open structure for easy cleaningLess labour requiredMinimal maintenance requiredInnovatec Total Concept

Trolley lift

The Innovatec trolley lift is designed to transport stacks of trays, baskets or boxes from a trolley to a chain conveyor or roller table and vice versa.


The trolley lift can be applied in all situations where there is a need for transferring stacks. It can be customized entirely to the desired solution.
It's simple and ergonomically design ensures a most reliable transferring process.

Available for:
  • Stacks of empty setter trays and, depending on the design of the setter tray, full setter trays as well
  • Stacks of full empty hatcher baskets
  • Stacks of full or empty chick boxes

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