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Unloader - Loader

Loader settertrays

Unloader -  loader

No adjustments, minimal technologies & componentsSmooth surfaces and open structure for easy cleaningMinimum energy useMinimal maintenance requiredInnovatec Total Concept

Unloader - Loader

The unloader – loader can be executed for almost all available setter trays.

Highly effective
With a maximum gross capacity up to 160.000 eggs per hour, the unit is highly effective. Setter trays are loaded or unloaded into or out of the setter trolleys or farm trolleys.

One side

In case the (un)loading, for most brands of setter trays, takes place on one side of the trolley, batches for those remain unmixed.

Touch screen

The (un)loading schedule from the trolley can manually be programmed by means of a full-colour touch screen display.

Available as:
  • Unloader
  • Loader
  • Unloader-loader
Complementary hatchery equipment

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