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Meeting the highest bio security standardsLess labour requiredMinimal maintenance requiredDurable and reliableInnovatec Total Concept


The Innovatec vaccuum waste silo is specially designed to collect hatchery waste. It can contain up to 10m3 of waste. The silo lid is operated hydraulically. 

Effective waste storage

The special design ensures that leakage is reduced to an absolute minimum. It results in the most effective storage of waste and the opportunity to empty the silo thoroughly.

The silo is standard equipped with a recoil valve, which prevents waste to be pulled into vacuum pipe that leads to the vacuum pomp.

Other features

Hatchery waste is transported, directly, trough vacuum pipes into the silo. This in combination with the Innovatec-easy-clean-concept ensures that highest biosecurity standards are met.

The extreme robust, thermally galvanised, body and its simple reliable design provide a silo with a long and maintenance free life span.

  • Variations in silo capacity
  • Thermal isolation
  • ​Electrical heating


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