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Backfilling Unit

Automatic Backfilling Unit

The automatic backfilling unit meets the highest bio security standards The automatic backfilling unit is egg friendly The automatic backfilling unit requires less labour The automatic backfilling unit has a LAN connection to collect data  The automatic backfilling unit is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept

Automatic Backfilling Unit

The Innovatec automatic backfilling unit ensures an even heat-load of the hatcher basket. This is realized by replacing the eggs, removed during candling, with new candled eggs to the desired degree. Therefore, the unit is positioned between the candling and transfer unit.

Compact size

The compact size and the high process speed of the backfilling unit enables a smooth integration in new or existing projects. The main goal of backfilling is a uniform temperature in the hatchers which reduces the hatch-window.

A lot of benefits

Other advantages are:

  • Improved day-old chick quality
  • Reduced first-week mortality
  • Increased hatchery capacity or savings in building cost
  • Optimum utilization of transfer unit, separator, washing units, etc. resulting in considerable labour, energy and water savings.