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Separator for day-old chicks for chick processing

The separator has a compact design The separator is chick friendly The separator requires less labour The separator can handle a high capacity of chicks  The separator is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept

The Innovatec chick waste separator is a compact unit with a proven technology. Baskets are gently tipped onto a soft-bed belt. Roller bars remove large pieces of shell and unhatched eggs. Chicks fall gently between the roller bars. 

Remaining medium-sized pieces of shell are being removed by suction, while the small pieces are collected in a hopper.

  • Chicks are tipped onto a conveyor belt
  • Chicks are distributed across the width, creating a low-density, even flow of chicks
  • Soft-bed belt below the basket tipper, which prevents breakage of non-hatched eggs
  • Very low drop heights
  • Low transport speeds
  • Open structure
  • Drawer function for chick dividing hopper
  • Fully washable
  • Compact, low contruction height for easy access
  • Cyclone not only effectively removes shells, but also the bulk of fluff



  • Capacities from 70,000 to 120,000 chicks per hour (gross)
  • Separates 99,98% of the chicks
  • No adjustments, reducing maintenance to an absolute minimum


  • Hatcher basket in- and outtake
  • Removal of large shell parts by vacuum
  • Inspection belt for dead in shell


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