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Separator for day old chicks

The separator has a compact design The separator is chick friendly The separator requires less labour The separator can handle a high capacity of chicks  The separator is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept

The Innovatec chick waste separator is a compact unit, which provides a maximal chick friendly and biosecure separation process to your hatchery, with a gross capacity of 72,000 up to 120,000 day old chicks per hour.

Effectively separated

Hatcher baskets are tipped over onto a conveyor belt. The day old chicks, shells and dead in shell are then transported onto a roller conveyor where the chicks are effectively separated from the large shells and the dead in shell.


The large shells and the dead in shell are transported out of the separator into a hopper and the chicks and small shell parts are transported by a conveyor belt to the cascade where the remaining small shell parts are removed.

Chick friendly

By tipping the hatcher basketsover the full width on to the conveyor belt the density of the day old chicks, shells and dead in shell is relatively low maintaining and optimal biosecurity. This together with a mimimal dropping heights ensures that the chicks are exposed to an absolute minimum of stress.

  • Separation of large shell parts by vacuum
  • Separation of remaining small shell parts by vacuum
  • Inspection belt for dead in shell
  • Macerator

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