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Ultimate In-Ovo, egg injection system

Ultimate In-Ovo, egg injection system

The Ultimate In Ovo unit meets the highest bio security standardsThe Ultimate In Ovo is egg friendlyThe Ultimate In ovo has a compact designThe Ultimate In Ovo is easy to cleanThe automatic backfilling unit is designed according to the Innovatec Total Concept

Ultimate In-Ovo egg injection system

The Ultimate In-Ovo is a safe, precise vaccination method for eggs. Based on its design features it offers many benefits, like optimizing biosecurity and productivity.

  • Automatic needle cleaning after every injection: outside of the inner needle, and inside and outside of the outer needle
  • Automatic needle cleaning: inside of inner needle during start-up and end of production
  • Rejected eggs are removed before in-ovo vaccination(*)
  • Double-needle system minimizes embryo exposure to external eggshell contaminants
  • Storage with disinfecting fluids


  • Only eggs containing a live embryo are penetrated(*)
  • All live embryos on a setter tray are vaccinated simultaneously(*)
  • Double-needle system for long tool life
  • High-velocity punch, through the outer needle, keeping shell cracks to an absolute minimum
  • Eggs are lifted from the setter tray, preventing cracks
  • The injectors are easily removable for maintenance purposes
  • Automatic alignment of each injector to the egg axis, up to 12°
  • Reduced vaccine usage due to entirely injection of viable embryos (*)
  • Monitoring for low vaccine level
  • Vaccine delivery check every injection
  • The vaccine is injected with low pressure, to maintain vaccine quality
  • Minimized vaccine loss due to priming


(*) If CLEANchick™ (heartbeat and clear egg detection) Dual Technology and the Exploder Removal System (removing exploders effectively, direct after candling) are applied.

  • Selective needle pull-back unit:

If rejected eggs are not removed before injection (if CLEANchick and Exploder Removal System are not installed), use of the automatic injector pull-back unit prevents penetration of eggs that do not contain a live embryo.

CLEANchick™Dual Technology, Exploder Removal system and Ultimate In-Ovo: the best of its kind

CLEANchick™Dual Technology combined with Exploder Removal System and the Ultimate In-Ovo is the winning team in maximizing biosecurity. World's most innovative combination in 100% cross-contamination-free production and contributing to healthier day old chicks.

Ultimate In-Ovo in product-line with CLEANchick and Exploder Removal SystemUltimate In-Ovo, in production-line with CLEANchick™ and Exploder Removal System


Innovatec Total Concept

All Innovatec equipment is designed according to the unique Innovatec Total Concept. A proven concept containing the highest return on investment

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